VoIP Phone Lines
Suitable for small, Medium & large businesses.

500 UK Landlines & Mobile Minutes
Inclusive of one phone number
No setup & maintenance charges
No extra connection charges like BT


per user / per month

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Sip Trunking
Suitable for businesses who have VoIP server onsite and require minutes.

Inclusive of one phone number
share minutes with colleagues
No setup & maintenance charges
No extra connection charges like BT


per month

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Virtual Phone Numbers
We provide local, national and international virtual phone numbers.

Inclusive incoming calls
Inclusive virtual number hosted on our system
No setup & maintenance charges
No extra connection charges like BT


per number / per month

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Fax to Email Services
Receive faxes straight to your email address.

Inclusive of one phone number
Receive faxes to your email inbox
No setup & maintenance charges
No extra connection charges like BT


per number / per month

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What makes us different from other VoIP providers?

123pbx is one of UK’s leading VoIP providers in cloud-based telephony services. We understand that every business has a unique vision for their company and want to drive customer engagement. With this in mind, we work alongside our clients to enhance the performance, efficiency, and furthermore competitiveness of their telecommunications against other VoIP providers. From small to medium sized businesses, 123pbx will help you find the best solution from our range of cloud-based business phone line services.

Switch from traditional BT business phone lines to a Hosted VoIP provider for effective communication, organisation flexibility, and consequently a reliable phone system. Our hosted telephony system provides a secure and cost-effective platform and you can keep your existing business number whilst moving your services to us. We will port your current business phone number from any third party VoIP providers, and build a unique phone system according to your business requirements.


Phone Numbers (DID)

Direct Inward Dialing (DID), is a facility which allows you to contact the business private branch exchange (PBX) via a single or block telephone number. Each operator or workstation can be configured with a unique phone number, without a physical telephone line for each connection into the PBX.

User Extensions

User extensions can be assigned to users to enable internal calls between employees or other departments within your business. Each extension works as a different phone number for an individual and can be configured on a desk phone or soft phone.

Hunt Group

Hunt groups are set up for multiple telephones to ring on a single contact number. This allows any operator in the hunt group to answer the calls coming through. As long as the group member has access to the internet, the operator is not required to be on the same site. Each telephone on site can be set up to ring at once, in a group, or in sequence.

Auto Attendant (IVR)

Auto Attendant is an automated voice menu system which allows the caller to select an option and be transferred to an extension without the use of a switchboard operator. These options can often be heard as Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for support and so on.

Call Queuing

Call queuing is a facility that allows incoming and outgoing calls to be assigned to positions whilst in a calling queue. The callers waiting are provided with an estimated waiting time and queue position details. Hold music or messages can be played whilst callers wait to speak to an agent.

Conference Calls

Set up and manage your own virtual conference. Invite multiple members through unique pin number access. Schedule a preferred date and time for conferences to take place to suit the needs of your clients and business.

Call Recording

The call recording feature, allows IP service users to record telephone conversations for playback. Call recording must be enabled by our company in order for this facility to be activated for individual use. Call recordings can be accessed and listened to through the call logs report. In addition, call recordings can be filtered by time or date. Based on your business requirements, you may enable or disable the call recording feature.

Music on Hold

Hold music is played whilst callers wait to speak to an agent.

Voicemail to Email

When you receive voicemail message, our server will automatically attach the voicemail into an email and send it to your chosen inbox. You will also be able to check voicemails using your phone keypad.

Fax to Email

By using a virtual phone number you can receive faxes to your email address, without the use of a physical fax machine on the premises.

Business Hours

Setup your business hours which will activate call routing to voicemail or an alternative contact number during out of business hours.

Follow Me

Inbound calls will follow you on all your devices which have been defined on your business number.

Call Report

Review live call data from different sites and users. Analyse expenses and duration. Record the amount of calls taken on each phone line to determine peak business hours. View the most common destinations and which call operators are receiving the majority of call volumes.

CRM Integration

Our server can be integrated to your CRM by using our api, such as Salesforce, Sugarcrm, Zendesk and Zoho.

Billing Summary

Once you have logged into your account you can view your active subscriptions and monthly bill breakdown.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology which uses a broadband internet connection to make and receive telephone calls. VoIP converts voice analogue into digital information packets and sends this data over the internet, rather than through a traditional phone line. As a result, there is no need for an independent telephone line to make phone calls, just a reliable internet connection and router.

How secure is VoIP?

Our VoIP phone system above all is very secure. We use high-level and industry leading encryption technology such as SSL certificates to ensure the calls and data is protected and secure. As a result, all of the calls made and received are safely encrypted.

What is the VoIP phone system requirement?

To use a VoIP phone system, first of all,  a high speed internet connection is required in addition to an IP phone. IP phones are designed to work with VoIP and can be used at work or home as long as the IP phone is plugged into or is accessible through an internet connection.

Can I keep my existing business number?

Yes, you certainly can. Switching from a BT phone line to us doesn't mean you will lose your existing business number. Instead, we will help you to port the number from your existing service provider to us.

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All prices showing on the website are excluding VAT. We do not charge customers on time based dialling, which means you can call at any time of the day. Charges for 0845 and other premium or mobile operators may vary. Terms & Conditions apply.