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Receive faxes straight to your email address.

123pbx offers a revolutionary fax to email service designed to streamline your document handling processes. This beneficial software lets you receive faxes digitally in your email inbox so you never miss an important document.


What is a Fax to Email Number?

A fax to email number is a unique virtual number assigned to your business for receiving faxes. Instead of the fax being printed on paper by a traditional fax machine, it is converted into a digital format and sent directly to your email inbox as a PDF file. This innovative and seamless integration allows businesses to manage their fax communications online, providing greater flexibility and efficiency.


Why Your Business Should Opt for Fax to Email Services?

In the present time, businesses need solutions that are beneficial in increasing productivity and streamlining operations. Traditional fax machines have now become cumbersome and outdated as they often require manual intervention and physical storage. Fax to email service eliminates these challenges by digitalising the fax process, making it easier to manage and store important documents.


Benefits of Fax to Email Services

123pbx’s fax to email service offers numerous benefits that can transform the way your business handles communication documents.

  • More Convenient Than Traditional Fax Machines

Our fax to email service offers convenience beyond comparison. Instead of dealing with bulky fax machines, you can access faxes directly from your email. The fax is saved in a PDF format so it can be easily stored, organised, and saved whenever needed. Consequently, fax to email allows you to manage your faxes from anywhere, at any time.

  • More Convenient Than Traditional Fax Machines

Traditional fax machines can pose security risks, as unauthorised individuals can access documents left on the machine. With fax to email, faxes are sent directly to your email inbox. This guarantees that only designated recipients can access the sensitive information by fax, providing peace of mind and compliance with data protection regulations.

  • More Cost-Efficient Than Traditional Fax Machines

Maintaining a traditional fax machine can be expensive, with costs associated with paper, ink, and maintenance. 123pbx’s fax to email service is a cost-effective alternative, eliminating these expenses. With our service, you pay a straightforward subscription fee, allowing you to manage your budget more effectively and utilise your costs in more critical areas of your business.

  • Accessibility from Any Device

One of the standout features of 123pbx’s fax to email service is the ability to access your faxes from any device with internet connectivity. From your computer or smartphone to your tablet, you can receive and review faxes on the go; all you need is a robust internet connection. This flexibility is beneficial for increasing your business’s responsiveness and productivity, as you never miss an important document wherever you are.

  • Multiple Fax Numbers for Business

With 123pbx, you can set up an individual fax number or multiple fax numbers for different departments or team members within your business. This allows you to have efficient and organised communication, with faxes directed to the appropriate recipients. It also provides a professional image, as clients and partners can reach the correct department easily.

  • Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Adopting a fax to email service is a sustainable choice that promotes a green environment. By eliminating the need for paper and ink, you contribute to reducing waste and conserving natural resources. Our fax to email service is an environmentally responsible solution as this paperless approach aligns with eco-friendly business practices.

How Our Fax to Email Service Works?


A new fax is received on the fax number allocated to you


Our server then converts the fax into a PDF document.


Then the server will send a copy of the fax to your mail.

  • Receiving the Fax

When a fax is sent to the fax to email number subscribed to you, it is received by our server. This is to make sure that all incoming faxes are captured promptly and accurately.

  • Converting to PDF

Our server then converts the fax into a PDF document. This digital format is universally accessible and easy to manage, so you can effortlessly view and share the fax.

  • Email Delivery

Finally, the server sends a copy of the fax to your designated email address. You receive the fax as an email attachment. You can access the digital fax anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

  • Simplify Your Workflow with Fax to Email

If you are looking for a modern, efficient, and secure solution for your business communication needs, then it is time to get the fax to email number by 123pbx. Contact us today to learn more about our fax to email services and how we can modernise your communication with fax to email!

Fax to Email Services £2.99 per number / per month

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