What type of business needs VoIP?

How to know if my business need a VoIP phone system

Most companies have been using traditional phone systems for a long time, and while they know they need some upgrades, they don’t know if switching to a VoIP phone system can be beneficial for them. But here we will help you make the best decision.

There are significant differences between VoIP phone system and traditional telephony. That’s why defining what is the best alternative for a company can be a bit complicated. However, by answering the following questions, you can understand better the advantages and disadvantages of both. Are you ready to discover the option that will drive your project? Keep reading!

Is the place where you live experiencing ISDN disconnection?

Demands on business communications grow as technology evolves. As a result, traditional PTSN and IDSN lines face problems in meeting the expectations of today’s businesses, moving ever closer to obsolescence. Currently, ISDN disconnection is happening all over the world.

In response, some large countries such as Germany, Australia, and Italy decided to transform their traditional landlines to IP solutions. For that reason, if this is the trend in your country, you must find a reliable and hassle-free VoIP solution that can help you deal with the shutdown. You can also install a VoIP system if you want to anticipate future developments, especially when considering that you will end up implementing VoIP technology at some point.

Do you have employees who work remotely?

Many companies have workers who carry out their tasks from home, especially since the outbreak of COVID-19. If your business was experiencing this change and used to be restricted to traditional landlines, you should consider installing a VoIP phone system to help you create a teleworking environment.

These innovative systems allow you to make and receive calls from anywhere and on almost any device, and the best part is that you can access the same calling capabilities. As you can see, VoIP has become an indispensable tool for all companies that want to work remotely. Besides, it is a great step towards the digital transformation of your business.

Can traditional telephony meet your needs?

Another thing that you should take into account when deciding which option to hire is the needs of your business. There are some major issues that plague traditional phone services that you cannot overlook. First of all, installing and maintaining traditional PBXs requires a high investment, including hardware and telephone lines. Besides, after installation, scaling the system when your business needs expansion can also be costly and complicated.

On the other hand, traditional phone systems generally provide specific basic calling functions, so dealing with the most sophisticated and modern communication scenarios can be challenging. Also, there is mobility. The lack of mobility in traditional phone systems can make working from home or remotely an impossible task to execute. None of this happens with VoIP systems.

Actually, a VoIP phone system can adapt seamlessly to the needs of your business, becoming the perfect solution for businesses that need to remotely carry out tasks and keep up with technological advances. Moreover, installation and maintenance costs are minimal. You just need a good internet connection, and that’s it!

Final thoughts.

VoIP systems offer many advantages for large, medium, and small business owners. We faithfully believe that they represent the communicational solution of the future. You may not require one at this time, but remember that you can go one step further. Installing a VoIP system now can help you save a lot of money.

With VoIP systems, you can give your business everything it needs to become the best one!