Why VoIP needs SIP Trunks?

Why VoIP needs SIP Trunks?

Business owners are constantly looking for solutions to optimize their communication or business processes and reduce costs. That’s why Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has gained such popularity in recent years, becoming one of the best and easiest forms of communication for companies today.

We can define VoIP as a group of technologies and standards that transmit voice and multimedia through broadband IP-based networks, which means that telephone systems of this type are based on the Internet. However, VoIP alone requires adequate infrastructure to ensure high-quality communications, and that is where SIP Trunking comes into play.

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking (Session Initiation Protocol) is a product that enables the communication between IP-enabled PBX and VoIP. It usually includes traditional PSTN connectivity and plays an important role in communications, ensuring that they remain clear from end to end.

It is a type of VoIP service that connects a company’s on-site PBX system with a VoIP service provider. In this case, customers must provide their own hardware in order to make and receive calls through SIP Trunks. But its benefits are numerous, including long-distance calls, Internet browsing, and video calls.

The term “trunking” is linked to a time when communication was analog, and trunks were bundles of cables that connected a customer company with a telephone operator. Nonetheless, today’s SIP trunking uses digital wires and allows companies to add additional channels without investing in expensive physical infrastructure.

Advantages of SIP Trunking with VoIP for business.

Among the benefits of hosted VoIP, it’s worth mentioning that companies do not have to maintain their own software or hardware. Also, providers often include additional PBX functions that can be very useful for business operations. However, SIP Trunking multiplies these advantages as it offers:

  • Greater control: With SIP Trunking, users have complete control over their phone service and can customize the system according to their own preferences. That includes upgrade paths or feature sets.
  • Simplicity: SIP Trunking makes all the communicational processes of a company easier since it allows combining Internet data with telephone lines in a single network.
  • Cost reduction: The initial investment of SIP Trunks can be higher than that of a conventional system, but its cost per call is usually much lower in the long term. Companies with large volumes of international calls or communications can rely on this option and reduce expenses.
  • Security: SIP Trunking significantly facilitates disaster recovery. The companies that provide the service have implemented measures to ensure that users can make calls during network outages. Some of them are redundancy and direct call routing.
  • Scalability: SIP Trunking allows companies to have as many channels as they want. Additionally, users can add extra lines without any hassle as no physical setup is required.

SIP Trunking for an improved VoIP experience.

SIP Trunking can optimize business communication processes as it promises a wide variety of benefits over traditional landlines and could be the best complement to hosted VoIP. However, we always recommend companies to think carefully about how useful it would be to them.

Do you think that SIP Trunking can be the perfect solution for you? Does it suit your needs and purposes? Do you think you can switch to a new ecosystem without problems? Answer those questions and find out if it is the ideal option for you. If you do so and the answer is positive, do not hesitate to contact us! We are reliable providers, and we can improve your existing phone systems with this innovative technology. Let’s take your business where you want it to be!