Top 5 VoIP Phone Features for Businesses

Top 5 VoIP phone features for businesses

If you are thinking of hiring or switching to a VoIP phone system, there are certain things you should know. One of the most important is the features that the service can offer to your business. What does your company need in terms of communication? Do you need a calling solution to fulfill your executive tasks? If so, you must look for a phone system with features adapted to your goals and requirements.

We want to help you! For that reason, we bring you these top VoIP phone features for business. Read the information below and know all the benefits you can get from a VoIP system.

1. Automated attendant

The best business phone systems have one thing in common: an automated attendant. With this feature, businesses can eliminate the need for a live receptionist. An automated attendant answers all incoming calls and forwards them to the desired extension using routing rules.

Basic auto attendants offer simple features like prerecorded messages or music on hold, which are very useful for small businesses or freelancers looking for an efficient option to handle call traffic. But many VoIP providers offer multilevel automated attendants with features that include routing and personalization capabilities.

2. Call recording

Call recording is not a typical feature in all business phone systems. However, it can be very beneficial for large and small companies. VoIP service providers often offer call recording options as a system module that allows operators to record calls for reference or training use.

Some VoIP systems even offer cloud storage space to save recorded calls without using up valuable space on the company network. What do you think? This feature can help you fulfill customer service or sales functions, especially if you have important conversations to save.

3. Caller ID

With a caller ID, phone operators can get important information about callers before they even answer the phone. This function provides information such as the name and telephone number of the user who makes the call. In this way, you can know if you should attend it, reject it or send it to voicemail.

Caller ID is one of the most useful features for high-flow businesses that are often very busy and can only answer worthwhile incoming calls at any given time. Know who is calling before answering and better organize your company’s time!

4. Call Flip

It is another of the most beneficial features of VoIP phone systems. The call flip is a feature that allows users to transfer calls from one device to another by just pressing a button and without disconnecting the phone line or relying on call parking.

This feature is very beneficial for personnel using a mobile device whose battery is about to run out or for emergencies where there is a power outage. You can switch to a desk phone or mobile device whenever you need it. As you could see, the call flip is the ideal feature for workers on the go.

5. Business Tool Integration

VoIP systems’ main features include business tools integration, allowing companies to connect data with external business tools such as email, chats, and even support ticket systems. In this way, they can keep teams connected and centralized conversation records.

Some VoIP systems with advanced options also offer valuable tools for each sales team, such as connecting caller information to customer relationship management (CRM) software and more.

Final thoughts

VoIP phone systems can offer many beneficial features for all types of businesses, regardless of their size or the niche where they operate. Here we mention the main five, but there are many more, including the basic ones that every telephone system usually has. Remember to check the ones that your provider offers before hiring any service in order to fully enjoy the VoIP advantages!