Service Level Agreement

INetwork Limited, trading as 123pbx is committed to providing reliable, innovative and superb quality telecoms services. This “Service Level Agreement” (“SLA”) outlines our obligations to you and the intended service level availability in respect to the services provided by 123pbx.

This Service Level Agreement is defined solely for the hardware, software and network foundation of which 123pbx has direct control of. Third party services (i.e. network connectivity, mobile device connectivity, or customer equipment etc.) are not covered by this SLA, and will be respectively covered by the SLA’s of the third parties.

By continuing your use of services provided by 123pbx, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Service Level Agreement.

Customer Support Hours
Customer support is available during business hours from 9:00am to 17:30pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Emergency support for critical issues is available 24/7. Contact

Fault Reporting
123pbx will use reasonable efforts to resolve any reported issues as soon as possible, based on initial fault analysis. You must provide 123pbx with appropriate contact details at the point of reporting a fault, to enable 123pbx to update you on the fault resolution.

Faults can be reported to the support team at 123pbx by contacting the methods following:

1) By calling 123pbx on 0207 1000 830, 0333 3055 255, or dialling 123 from your VoIP phone supplied from 123pbx.

2) Emailing 123pbx at

Issue Response Times
We will review and asses reported issues based on its critical level as defined below:

Standard Issues– an event that does not intervene with the core service such as minor configuration changes or a repeat invoice request.

High Priority Issues – where your service use is seriously affected. This could be single or multiple users being unable to utilise a key feature.

Critical Issues–usually a major service outage affecting all users. You must inform us of any such critical issues by telephone to avoid delays.

Issue Level Acknowledgement Time Initial Response Time Target Resolution Time
Standard Issue Within 24 hours Within 2 days Issue dependent
High Priority Issue Within 24 Core Hours 4 Core hours 2 days
Critical Issue Within 1 hours 2 hours 24 hours

Planned Service Outage

Scheduled maintenance may be required for equipment and operations. This will normally be scheduled to take place outside of business hours.

During equipment service and maintenance operations, scheduled service outages may be required. 3rd party carries who provide services to 123pbx may also schedule service outages.

123pbx will provide at best, notification of 1 business day for any interruptions or service outage to all its affected customers.

You must provide accurate contact details, including an email address and telephone number to 123pbx. It is your responsibility to ensure this information is kept up to date with 123pbx. In the occurrence of an emergency service outage, 123pbx reserves the right to initiate the service interruption without prior notification. In such instances 123pbx will use its best efforts to contact customers prior to any service interruption.

Service Up Time
Service up time is determined by the percentage of time the VoIP Service is available to the customer during the annual period.

Service up time is calculated as follows:
• Service up time = total hours for the term less unavailable hours/total hours *100
• This is where ‘Unavailable Hours’ is made up of the total number of hours the service was unavailable, other than during scheduled service outages;
• Service up time is calculated only for the infrastructure of 123pbx.
• This infrastructure does not consist of internet connectivity or customer hardware.
• Service Availability Target = 99.9999%
• 123pbx will use its best endeavors to meet the outlined service levels.
• The calculated service availability will be updated regularly.

The services provided by 123pbx, are without warranty of any kind. 123pbx will not be liable in any circumstances for any loss or damages.

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