Pros and Cons of Having a VoIP Number

Pros and Cons of Having a VoIP Number

If you are reading this post, you have likely heard about phone systems and VoIP numbers. In that case, we are glad you are here! We know that you want the best for your business and making the right decision requires knowing some specific things, especially when it has to do with the communication processes of your company. For that reason, we will explain the pros and cons of these technological alternatives.

Understanding VoIP numbers.

VoIP numbers work in a very similar way to conventional phone numbers, but there is one feature that differentiates them: while normal phone numbers are assigned to a specific device, VoIP number is assigned to a person or user.

As they can connect to the Internet, VoIP numbers promise endless functions and features that make them the perfect allies for modern businesses. Although they offer all the conventional telephony functions, these systems come with up-to-date technologies that are adapted to the tools of this generation. That’s great! But we have more to learn about it. Let’s review the positive side.

Pros of having a VoIP number.

As we discussed, having a VoIP phone number is very highly beneficial for today’s companies, regardless of the niche where they operate or their size. These are some of the main advantages that it can bring to business owners and their projects.

Avoid charges for long-distance calls.

One of the most valuable benefits of VoIP number is that they allow business owners to reduce their calling bills. Long-distance calls, mandatory for many companies, are often costly. However, since VoIP numbers are virtual and do not depend on any location, users can choose a number with any area code so that the calls they make result in local charges only. You can save a lot!


As mentioned at the beginning, VoIP numbers are not assigned to specific devices but users. This feature allows business owners to use their phone numbers on any device with an Internet connection, including cell phones, tablets, computers, laptops, among others. You will be able to answer a call even if you are not in the office!

Lower costs.

In addition to saving on international calls, VoIP phone numbers allow companies to reduce their phone bill entirely. Your business is likely already paying for Internet services. Therefore, by switching to a cloud-based system, you will not have to keep spending on additional phone services. That makes purchasing a VoIP phone system more profitable.


Another exceptional characteristic of VoIP numbers is that they allow companies to work with greater mobility. Remote work and constant travel have become an essential part of today’s business activities, and VoIP numbers allow users to make calls from wherever they are in the world.

Cons of having a VoIP phone number.

Although VoIP phone numbers are very business-friendly, nothing is perfect! Like all the options that exist, this one has some cons that you should consider. These are:

  • The quality and everything related to VoIP calls depend on the Internet connection strength. If you have a solid network, you will have no problem. However, in areas with poor connectivity, your call quality can be affected.
  • As they are based on the Internet, VoIP numbers are exposed to the same risks of hacking as other Internet-related activities.

Final thoughts.

As you have seen, VoIP numbers can help you and your business in many ways, and the cons are just a few! If you want to take your project to the highest level, do not hesitate to hire the service!