Number Porting

Transferring your existing number to our VoIP phone service could not be easier. Whether you’re leaving your traditional phone line, changing your VoIP provider, or geographic phone number we will take care of the transfer process for you.

Before your Transfer

1. What numbers can I transfer?
We are able to transfer any UK landline number. You can still use our VoIP Service if you have an 08 number. To do this you will need to forward your 08 number to the number we provide to you.

2. What is the cost of the number transfer?

  • Single Line transfer cost: £10.00 + VAT
  • Multi Line transfer cost: £70 + VAT

A letter of authorisation will need to be signed for each number you wish to port. You will also need to provide a copy of a bill (within the last three months) from your current provider. This information is required to confirm the details of the business owner and address.

If any of the information provided on the letter of authorisation is incorrect, this may cause the number transfer to be rejected. Each time the number transfer is rejected due to incorrect information provided to us, you will be charged per rejection before we can resubmit the number porting request again.

  • Charge for rejection: £10 + VAT (Fixed charge for Single and Multi Line)

3. How long does the number transfer take?
Provided all the information is accurate on the letter of authorisation, your number transfer will take between 7-21 days to port across to our servers. We will contact you once the date of transfer has been confirmed.

Number Porting Terms
1. You agree and acknowledge that number porting is dependent upon the co-operation of third parties outside of 123pbx. We will not be liable for any failures or delays caused by third party approval in the transfer of any number, or for the unauthorised transfer of any number by a third party.

2. We will contact and liaise with your current provider to port your number to us as quickly, and as practical for us to do so. If we have been the cause for delaying your number porting within the required time by applicable laws or regulation, or have failed in adhering to industry practice with regards to porting your number, you will be entitled to reasonable compensation for the delay and adhering to industry practice.

3. We work with third party carrier(s) to enable the porting of telephone numbers on behalf of 123pbx, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. You agree to provide your true and accurate Personal Data to ensure a successful transfer of your number. We shall not be liable to you or any third party for any loss of business, revenue, or profits as a result of delays in the number porting or rejections caused due incorrect Personal Data provided to us.

4. You accept and acknowledge that if you disconnect or cancel your existing number with your existent supplier, we will not be able to transfer your number.

5. We do not guarantee the availability of a requested phone number, that your existing supplier will allow the transfer of your number, or that circumstances beyond our control will not restrict or cause delays to the number porting. We shall not be liable for remuneration for press releases, stationary, or any other printed marketing materials under any circumstances, if you have ordered or printed such material before your number becomes active.

6. You accept and acknowledge that you do not own any rights over any telephone number assigned to you by 123pbx. You agree not to transfer, or attempt to transfer any telephone numbers assigned to you.

7. You agree that 123pbx may change the telephone or fax number assigned to you for the reasons as set forth: (i) due to a regulatory requirement, (ii) due to a national area code split. You accept and acknowledge that upon termination of your Service with 123pbx, unless you have made arrangements with a new service provider, the number designated to you will be reassigned. 123pbx shall not be liable for any loss of earnings, damages, or other losses arising as a result of the your telephone or fax number being changed or your number being reassigned.

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All prices showing on the website are excluding VAT. We do not charge customers on time based dialing, which means you can call at any time of the day. Charges for 0845 and other premium or mobile operators may vary. Terms & Conditions apply.