Differences Between Hosted and On-Site VoIP Systems

Differences between hosted and on-site VoIP systems

When you are going to implement a VoIP service for your company, there is one step that you cannot ignore: choosing whether to use a hosted or on-site system. But we know that this can be a difficult decision, especially if you are not an expert. You can always ask a specialist for help to keep things simple. However, we recommend that you have some of your own knowledge before reaching them so you can choose a service adapted to your needs and objectives.

And that is the purpose of this post. Today, we wanted to bring you information about both alternatives to help you follow the right path for you, your workers, and your business. Read on and learn the main differences between hosted VoIP systems and on-site VoIP systems!

Hosted VoIP systems.

Hosted VoIP systems are usually the best option for beginners or small businesses that have no VoIP experience, as an outside company is in charge of everything related to telephony. They are also great allies for business owners with minimal hardware, a low budget, and no additional IT staff. These are the three main features of this option:

Low start-up cost

To install a hosted VoIP phone system, you don’t need to buy expensive state-of-the-art equipment and devices. That means that your start-up expenses will be low if you choose this alternative. Besides, you should not hire additional staff in the IT department, so you can save much more and use those savings to invest in your business growth.

No IT staff needed.

When you switch to or select a hosted VoIP system, you are leaving the IT responsibilities in the hands of your service provider. In other words, you are getting rid of the burden of maintaining and monitoring your systems on your own. Remember that you only have to house your phones, and the service provider company will take care of the rest remotely. You can save money and energy!

Flexible management.

You can take your communications management to the highest level with a hosted VoIP system. If you choose this option, both you and your employees can collaborate much more freely and effectively. One of the most significant advantages of a VoIP system is the access to the phone system from almost any location and device. Any of the parties involved can fulfill their duties at any time, working more productively.

On-site VoIP systems.

When we talk about on-site VoIP, we refer to the system used by a company that has all the hardware in facilities. This alternative is the ideal solution for businesses that need some more personalized functions and want to have more control over the processes related to their communications. These are its three main characteristics.

High scalability and flexibility.

All operations linked to the VoIP system are performed on-site, giving business owners greater control over the process, functions and objectives. This option typically includes call routing, migration support, and much more. Moreover, it is highly customizable. So it can adapt seamlessly to the advances, changes, and growth of the company.

Different plans.

Entrepreneurs who hire on-site VoIP systems services can choose between unlimited or metered plans to have better control over their budgets. This alternative allows companies to choose the plan that best suits their needs and call usage.

Great investment.

Acquiring all the necessary hardware to install an on-site VoIP system is an excellent long-term investment. While the upfront costs are lower, these systems typically have lower monthly fees. In short, you will own the equipment! And save a lot to invest in the growth of your project!

Which is the best option?

Now that you know the differences between a hosted VoIP phone system and an on-site VoIP phone system, the next step is to study your needs. How much money do you have to start? Do you consider that your business needs customization? Do you want to save from the early stages? Answer those questions, consult an expert and discover which is the ideal alternative for you!